Investment Advisory Services


Urban Financial Advisory Corporation assists each client in developing and implementing an investment policy best suited to his or her financial situation and goals. This policy is generally developed within the context of financial planning for the client and a review of personalized integrated financial projections. The policy developed generally involves acquisitions of securities on a long-term basis utilizing modern portfolio theory. Rather than timing transactions according to market swings, it aims to allocate funds so as to minimize the effect of these swings on the client’s portfolio. Investments are diversified across security types and sectors. Most portfolios include investments in both domestic and international equities, a variety of mutual funds, and fixed income instruments.

UFAC oversees and monitors the purchase and sale of securities and the selection of money managers and mutual funds. In all cases, the investment assets are held by an unaffiliated custodian. Quarterly assessments of monitored investments accounts are prepared to inform clients of the performance of their investment portfolios in comparison to market benchmarks, as well as any plans for the upcoming period. Clients generally pay an investment advisory fee based upon the value of the assets subject to the investment policy.