Financial Planning Services


The financial planning process begins with a discussion of your planning objectives and then a gathering of data sufficient to develop personalized, integrated financial projections. A consultative review of these projections will then address the most important planning concerns. This review is the most effective means of identifying and prioritizing a host of financial planning issues. Further, within the context of a review of these integrated financial projections, an appropriate investment policy can be suggested and explained. The review is concluded with a written summary of conclusions and recommendations including that of the investment policy suggested. The client pays for planning services to that point and is then free to consider the investment policy and whether it would be appropriate for the firm to assist in deployment and monitoring of this policy. The client would have no obligation at that time to return to UFAC to render such investment advisory services. However, the client would be in an excellent position to evaluate other proposed investment policies including deployment of a policy on his or her own.

The estimated fee for financial planning services can be provided after a discussion of your financial situation and planning requirements. Please contact us to set up a time when we can discuss your situation further.